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Catalyst Galaxy

About Us

We are creating a global movement where Catalysts are recognized, valued and empowered to create change sustainably. 

As Catalysts, we come together to learn, share and implement survival skills so that we can more powerfully manifest the change we want to see in the world.

We support Catalysts individually, within their organizations, and through our global catalyst network, to help them more powerfully and sustainably change the world. 

Why Join?

Catalysts are passionate, purpose-driven people who have vision and execute

They connect dots across a variety of sources, 
finding clarity in the signals where others see chaos. 

They create visions of better, more positive futures.

They move fast and experiment. They take risks.

They drive profound change in the world.

It can be lonely and tough changing systems by yourself. 

Come join your tribe and learn the survival skills for creating change sustainably without burning out and feeling isolated.

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